WorkPro is hosted within the Microsoft Azure data centre in Victoria. From time to time, underlying problems in the Azure infrastructure can have an impact on the WorkPro system. Azure is reporting to WorkPro that there is an intermittent issue with the underlying database that serves WorkPro. They are currently working with the WorkPro Platform Team to resolve the issue.

About Us


WorkPro is an online platform that centralises the management of basic employment tasks:

  • By aggregating certain tasks in a single program, WorkPro diminishes administration, reduces repetition, encourages rapid engagement of people and transparently monitors legal compliance.

  • The platform enables an employer the flexibility to request an individual to undertake certain tasks as part of their engagement for easy management, tracking, recall and legal proof.

  • All-in-one online solution – A broad course library of practical safety induction modules, on-demand background checks, licence and document management, WorkPro offers a wide range of compliance support tools.

  • Compliance protection – Modules dynamically updated to align with Aus and NZ standards.

  • Onboarding flexibility – Choose specific tasks and build packages based on the role of the candidate or the industry in which you operate. We’ve even pre-built modules to address major industries and common roles to ensure your program is relevant.

  • Easy to use – Get started in minutes, track your whole workforce from the dashboard and run simple reports and filters for a quick overview of candidate’s status.

  • Government accreditation – Integrated with Government databases to deliver accurate background check information within minutes.

    WorkPro is committed to transforming the market with flexible approaches to pricing, powerful online technology, and new products that make compliance and business protection simple, like it should be.