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Employment History Check

Protect your business from fraud with an employment history check

Don’t expose your business to the financial and cultural impact of bad hires. Enhance your risk management program and protect against fraud and theft with employment checks from WorkPro. Get turnarounds from 5 days, smart notifications and detailed employment reports on your time and start recruiting strong again.

Employment history checks validate the claims made in resumes so employers can hire with confidence. Verify the integrity of your applicants with a premium check that confirms dates of employment, positions held, salaries, bonuses and even names of previous managers.

WorkPro offers easy and secure employment history checks that can be ordered from one online dashboard for your workforce. Perform checks on-demand and track and manage your results as you need it for instant transparency and control over your recruitment process.

Start ordering employment history checks with WorkPro and protect against theft and fraud today.

Secure online ordering

Order checks online with 3-step ordering

Smart risk management

Get official detailed reports for confident hiring decisions

Single online dashboard

Order, track and manage checks online from a single dashboard

Fast company-wide reporting

Search and report with ease for full workforce control

Why check the employment of applicants?

There is a range of falsifications that candidates make at all levels of job applications, from junior positions through to executive roles. Work experience, employment history and background are one of the most critical elements of a resume for most positions – yet it’s also the easiest place to lie on or pad out to appear more suitable for a role.

Common lies on resumes include job titles, responsibilities and remunerations. Candidates will also extend their time in a position or hide a job where they were dismissed from. If you hire new workforce members without the right knowledge and experience, you expose yourself to damaged relationships, missed deadlines and a badly affected reputation.

Employment history checks provide exact, accurate and unbiased information to employers, so they can make the right decision about hiring new workforce members.

The cost of not performing employment history checks is just not worth it.

WorkPro offers a complete range of background checks for employers. With WorkPro, you can order, track and manage it all for your workforce from one powerful dashboard. Start screening smart and hire with confidence again.

How are employment history checks performed?

When a check is requested, a risk specialist contacts nominated HR or payroll department of the worker to verify the details of their employment.

This includes:

    • Dates of employment
    • Positions held
    • Details of promotions
    • Last salary
    • Any bonuses
    • Name of previous line managers
    • Reason for leaving
    • Eligibility for re-hire


There will be 5 valid attempts over 3 days to HR or payroll departments to verify the employment history. As a last resort, the direct manager will be contacted to verify the details.

The employment check can verify details up to 7 years old on a candidate’s resume. The verification process is managed via telephone, fax, email or directly with the employer.


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What employment period can an employment check verify?

WorkPro’s employment history check can verify previous details of up to 7 years, and the check can include verification of information from up to two previous employers of each candidate.

What do I receive as a result of the check?

You will receive a full, comprehensive and detailed report that will be available in your WorkPro dashboard. You will receive a notification when it arrives. The report will include all of the details obtained as listed above.

Do you require consent from the candidate to complete this check?

To meet National privacy regulations, informed candidate consent is mandatory as part of the application process.

How are the results received?

  • The candidates signed privacy consent form is always offered to be sent to the verifier.
  • The consent to release a report question to the client and/or candidate is always asked.
  • WorkPro will not contact a current employer unless the candidate provides informed consent.
  • Employment history verifications must NEVER be taken from a peer.

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