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Qualification Check

Independently verify academic qualifications to protect your business

Validating academic credentials plays a large part in the hiring process, as businesses can’t afford the time, cost and resources that go into a new candidate who doesn’t have the real qualifications needed for success.

WorkPro’s Qualifications checks take the guess work out of hiring. An academic qualification check verifies that a candidate attended an educational institution and achieved the results listed on their resume or application and confirms the date of graduation.

100% verified checks

Qualifications are validated directly with the Institution

Full report

Receive a formal report that includes dates and confirmation of faculty admission

Fast response times

Guaranteed turnaround time 3-6 business days

Global coverage

Check institutions around the world for full confidence

What does the Qualification Check include?

Validating information directly with the issuing institution, this check reveals the claimed qualifications(s). The check will verify:

  • Institution attended
  • Dates of attendance
  • Qualifications awarded
  • Graduation date

Which countries participate?

WorkPro validate academic records at Institutions globally.

  • Australia & New Zealand
  • Japan & Korea
  • Taiwan & China
  • Pakistan, India & the Philippines
  • Asia Pacific
  • Africa & Middle East
  • Europe
  • UK & Ireland
  • The Americas
  • USA & Canada
  • Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia

Why are Qualification Checks important?

It is important to ensure that your candidates have learned the skills required to complete their role competently. Forging Qualifications is a well known risk. An academic check provides you with confidence that candidates have gained the Qualification they have claimed.

How are Qualification Checks performed?

The following process is used to complete a Qualifications Check:

  • We contact the awarding institution to verify the details of the candidate’s education.
  • Details are collected, including dates of attendance, name of qualification and graduation date.
  • As standard, the highest qualification awarded will be checked unless otherwise requested.
  • Only higher education verifications are completed (i.e. beyond high school).

The verification process is managed via telephone, fax, email or directly with the institution. A formal report forms an important part of the process.

What do I receive as a result of the Qualification Check?

A final report is returned to you as part of the process.

Do you require consent from the candidate to complete this check?

To meet National Privacy Regulations express candidate consent is mandatory as part of the application process.

Do you require original education transcripts as part of the process?

Educational institutes in some countries insist on receiving a transcript as part of the verification process. If this is the case, WorkPro will inform you of this requirement as part of the submission process.

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