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Streamlining police checks to gain a competitive advantage?

Across Australia, an increasing number of organisations are requesting workers to complete a police check as part of the screening and recruitment process. This requirement is also finding its way into tender for many organisations for a range of outsourced services.

The efficiency of this process has become not only a risk mitigation strategy but a competitive point of difference in some sectors, particularly those with contracted workforces.

A case in point: Frontline Support

Frontline Support, a specialist cleaning and support services organisation with its headquarters in Adelaide, recently streamlined its police check process by implementing WorkPro.

Frontline engages cleaners for a variety of industries, including government agencies that commonly require national police checks for on-site workers. Historically, this process was manual with results sometimes not available for several weeks.

The company sent its prospective employees to police stations to complete the necessary paperwork and often had to take steps to follow up with the individual to gain the result. Employees had to bring the paperwork back to the Frontline Support office and file for reimbursement. The process could take between two and six weeks, and was particularly burdensome since cleaners usually don’t gather at the office on a dayto-day basis.

Streamlining the Process

Looking for a better solution, Frontline Support commenced using WorkPro’s police checks service in August.

Instead of sending workers to police stations to obtain checks, the company now asks new workers to complete the ‘paperwork’ via WorkPro’s intuitive, easy-to-use web service and receives results within a few moments.

“To have results the same day is just brilliant. Using WorkPro has helped us immensely,” said Frontline Support’s Cheryl Janssan.

“The simplicity and speed of this process isn’t just far more convenient for workers and administrators at Frontline Support – it also gives the company a competitive edge as we can present screened candidates quickly to meet client demand.”

Turning speed into business benefit

By cutting down on the time it takes to complete criminal record checks, Frontline Support can arrange placements for its employees faster. The organisation can also more dependably guarantee it will be able to provide the needed personnel for agencies looking to hire cleaning services because it won’t get held up in a lengthy paperwork process.

WorkPro’s online solution offers a speedy turnaround for results so Frontline Support can beat its competitors to a site, making it an attractive option both for its clients and for prospective employees.

For any organisation that evaluates its candidates’ backgrounds or works with clients requiring police checks, simplifying this process can reduce time-to-hire and improve workforce agility. WorkPro’s national criminal check services provide immediate results, while maintaining compliance and security integrity. The service also integrates with the rest of WorkPro, contributing to a streamlined, efficient hiring and onboarding process.