WorkPro is hosted within the Microsoft Azure data centre in Victoria. From time to time, underlying problems in the Azure infrastructure can have an impact on the WorkPro system. Azure is reporting to WorkPro that there is an intermittent issue with the underlying database that serves WorkPro. They are currently working with the WorkPro Platform Team to resolve the issue.




ManpowerGroup is New Zealand’s leader in the creation and delivery of innovative workforce solutions and services that enable their clients to win in the changing world of work. The services span the entire employment cycle including permanent, temporary and contract recruitment; graduate and project recruitment; employee assessment; training; outplacement; outsourcing and consulting.

Established in Auckland and Wellington in 1996, ManpowerGroup has over 15 years’ experience in the local market. They operate out of 5 locations nationwide and a number of onsite client locations. Manpower employ 35 personnel nationally and payroll over 1,000 temporary candidates each week.

Pioneers in their industry sector, Manpower NZ were one of the first companies to adopt and integrate WorkPro into their business processes in 2009 and now utilise WorkPro for both WHS Inductions and MOJ checks.


“As an existing customer we were happy to take up the new MOJ service offering from a trusted supplier, it met a need in our business. Prior to that our staff applied directly to MOJ for the checks using an entirely paper based process and had no option but to wait the 20 days plus for results. This often meant candidates could not be placed until the results arrived, as clients required for internal practices all Manpower associates to have their MOJ checks received prior to commencement. This in-turn created gaps in delivery at times where clearance was unable to be obtained in the timeframe required.”

“We love the availability of the system, and the electronic format makes it so easy to meet clients’ service delivery expectations.”

Natasha Russell, Quality Consultant


“The ability to offer priority MOJchecks has enabled us to deliver a client request that we would not previously have been able to meet. It has definitely improved our service delivery and we are now able to secure business that requires priority clearance where we couldn’t previously.”


In March 2015 one of our NZ Business Managers received an urgent customer request.

  • Our client had a 5 ½ day lead time to provide staff for a contact centre. All needed to have completed MOJ check before they could start. Normally under the priority service this takes 5 working days. For this project we initially had 30 positions required, followed by another 15 a week after.
  • We accepted the challenge knowing we had only recently gone live with the MOJ Priority Checks offered by WorkPro, in November 2014. Our three Auckland teams pulled together to recruit the candidates. However it became apparent that they needed help processing the MOJ Priority checks for the numbers involved give the tight timeframes.
  • We reached out to WorkPro for advice. Despite being a public holiday in Melbourne that day, Tania from WorkPro was available and able to come up with a solution. Over the next few days she maintained constant contact with the NZ team which resulted in MOJ checks being returned within 3 days and all positions being filled and enabling us to meet the client’s needs in full. This would not have been possible without the extra support offered by WorkPro.

Linda Jones, Manpower Business Manager.

“Very good result and very accommodating team at WorkPro” – Audrey Rasche Manpower Business Manager


“Introducing the system into our processes did take some planning and preparation by our HO support teams to integrate it with our existing policies and procedures around background checking for NZ, set up access, pilot test, develop training materials and finally run internal training webinars. This occurred across 4 weeks. It was great to have Tracey from WorkPro co present the training webinar.”

Natasha Russell, Quality Consultant