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White collar candidate calls for mandatory WorkPro safety training

Recruiters face inherent difficulties in educating white collar employees and candidates about Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and the need for training in this area, particularly those in white collar roles.

White collar workers are only beginning to realise the importance of OHS within their own workplaces. While the hazards are less obvious than those prevalent on a building site, for example, they are no less dangerous or less important and there is a greater onus being placed on recruiters and individuals to understand the importance of them.

As a candidate, Sharon Jebson, now Executive Assistant at insurance company CGU, tells of her OHS induction experience using the WorkPro system and says the online workforce training tool should become a mandatory requirement for all employers to adopt.

Ms Jebson believes WorkPro is an extremely efficient training and information management system, in comparison to paper based processes and CD ROM systems which are time consuming and repetitive.

“I have used the WorkPro system twice. The first time was 12 months ago. Both times I was applying for contract roles through Spectrum Recruitment. Spectrum explained the WorkPro system to me and then I simply went online and completed the relevant modules.”

“As a long term temp, I had used different induction systems in the past, both paper based and also CD ROM systems that were specifically designed for individual recruitment agencies. These programs were often lengthy and difficult to understand,” she said.

WorkPro presents many benefits to both employers and candidates; it streamlines the compliance process for both parties, it is cost effective, easy to complete and the modules meet legislative requirements. The benefits of the centralised system are becoming increasingly apparent to candidates as more and more agencies utilise the system, as it eliminates the need for repetition.

“The other great thing about WorkPro is that results are available to recruiters and employers online. When you apply for a job, the employer or recruiter can simply look up your WorkPro results and verify that you have completed the relevant modules, so there was no need to repeat the same induction over and over.” she said.

OHS compliance is an essential part of every business and it is the responsibility of the employer and employee to make sure that training is undertaken and guidelines followed.

“Even if you believe you are familiar with a certain industry’s OHS guidelines, it is beneficial to complete the WorkPro modules. It doesn’t hurt to refresh your memory. I compare it to having your drivers licence. Over the years you forget the finer details, and it never hurts to have a look through the manual to refresh your memory,” she said.

“The WorkPro system is easy to navigate and quick to use. I have been so impressed with it that I’ve recommended it to several people. I explained the benefits and told them to have a look online,” Ms Jebson commented.