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WHS Inductions


WHS Inductions Testimonial

Recruiter uses technology to deliver a safety message to a young workforce

Zenith Hospitality Staffing Solutions supports the fast-paced hospitality industry with a talent pool of experienced and professional Chefs, Food and Beverage Service Staff, Bar Staff and Kitchen Hands.


Hospitality employs hundreds of thousands of individuals annually. Its volatility demands short ‘time to hire’ recruitment responses. Individuals need to be screened, inducted and ready to go at a moment’s notice to meet immediate workforce gaps, so the industry demands recruitment partners who are able to provide ‘work ready’ staff, competently able to jump in to the role very shortly after arriving on site.


WHS Inductions Testimonial

Web-based solution enhances workforce induction program

MTC WORK SOLUTIONS (MTC) has been operating in the Sydney community since 1992. MTC are a not-for-profit community-based organisation committed to assisting job seekers gain employment, skills training, personal development, work experience and career planning.

MTC delivers a large suite of government funded programs and is dedicated to generating opportunities which empower and encourage marginalised community members to complete relevant training and work experience, and find meaningful employment to make a positive contribution to their community.


WHS Inductions Testimonial

A more streamlined induction methodology leads to more meaningful candidate conversations

With such a large volume of candidates and new placements to fill everyday, leading Australian recruiter, Adecco Australia, puts a heavy emphasis on efficient operations and streamlined training.

Cameron Knox, Team Leader at the Customer Care Centre Adecco Australia, said the implementation of WorkPro’s web-based induction system two years ago greatly increased both the number of people recruited and the efficiency with which they’re trained and workready.


WHS Inductions Testimonial

WorkPro provides Hallis with new innovative approach to OHS

For Australian recruitment services company Hallis, working across a range of industry sectors including banking, finance, engineering and government, the job of training its diverse pool of candidates in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) has traditionally presented various challenges.

Paris Fent, General Manager, Corporate Services at Hallis, said one of the company’s biggest challenges was to educate its significant number of white collar candidates about the importance of completing an OHS induction, and to make the training more relevant to its industry sectors.


WHS Inductions Testimonial

Pre-employment screening solution allows Horner to thoroughly and rapidly respond to client needs

For leading Australian recruitment agency, Horner Recruitment, delivering workplace safety training and conducting background checks on a diverse candidate base was a time consuming strain on resources.

However, the clever use of technology has solved this issue for the agency, as the web based WorkPro system enables it to manage large volumes of white and blue-collar candidates on a daily basis, reducing both the time and money spent on compliance.


WHS Inductions Testimonial

Nursing agency turns to online OHS training to drive efficiency

When Australian nursing agency CQ Nurse began to expand its niche recruitment agency, specialising in rural and remote areas, the effects of a growing skills shortage soon saw rural hospitals, clinics and health services placing greater demand on the company to place work-ready nurses, and at a much faster pace.

For CQ Nurse, streamlining its paper-based Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) training system became a business priority and led the company to look for a centralised online induction program that could assist with the health and safety training of its nurses. After having implemented WorkPro’s online OHS induction program for 12 months, they are seeing a host of benefits for clients, candidates and the business.


WHS Inductions Testimonial

With over 550 employees across Australia and New Zealand, working in small teams in a fast paced environment, Jenny Craig needs to be able to deliver training quickly and effectively!

“Using WorkPro’s transparent, online portal we’ve been able to deliver inductions from a single platform, control and quickly process police checks, and prove and monitor compliance.” – Joshua Nunan, Head of Human Resources


WHS Inductions Testimonial

As part of a global group, and one of Australia’s leading recruitment agencies, Michael Page aims to bring the world’s best employers and brightest job seekers together.

“To set people and employers up for long term success, we use WorkPro’s services across the recruitment journey. By creating and adhering to a logical workflow, including robust background checks and inductions, we save valuable time. In fact, WorkPro’s secure, easy to use and transparent police checking service – a vital process that used to take weeks – can now take literally minutes!” – Alex Neal, Corporate Projects Officer

Police Checks


Police Checks Testimonials

WorkPro assists in reducing costs and ensuring high workforce standards

The Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust is a leading not for profit organisation responsible for managing two of Sydney’s largest sports venues – the Sydney Cricket Ground and Allianz Stadium. Together these two grounds form a central sports precinct of international standing that includes a sports museum, member fitness centre and club facilities. Combined, these facilities host nearly 100 sports and concert events annually, attracting more than 1.5 million visitors as premier public venues, the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust see the use of WorkPro as fundamental to their human resource management strategy.