WorkPro is hosted within the Microsoft Azure data centre in Victoria. From time to time, underlying problems in the Azure infrastructure can have an impact on the WorkPro system. Azure is reporting to WorkPro that there is an intermittent issue with the underlying database that serves WorkPro. They are currently working with the WorkPro Platform Team to resolve the issue.


A more streamlined induction methodology leads to more meaningful candidate conversations

With such a large volume of candidates and new placements to fill everyday, leading Australian recruiter, Adecco Australia, puts a heavy emphasis on efficient operations and streamlined training.

Cameron Knox, Team Leader at the Customer Care Centre Adecco Australia, said the implementation of WorkPro’s web-based induction system two years ago greatly increased both the number of people recruited and the efficiency with which they’re trained and workready. “Previously we used an online assessment, video and paper based OH&S induction– all of which were owned and operated in-house by Adecco. Not only was this an ineffective system, cost-wise, but we also experienced obstacles across the entire process. We continuously had trouble getting people to show up for induction, and if they did we struggled to keep them engaged to the video. Some candidates also had difficulty understanding certain questions.

“All these factors led to a grossly inefficient and resource-heavy induction process, and this made meeting the demand in placements an everyday challenge,” said Mr Knox. He said the new approach addressed these efficiency issues and brought with it benefits not only for Adecco, but for candidates as well.

“Nowadays, our entire induction process is conducted remotely via an online system. Candidates can complete the program from wherever is most convenient to them. For us, it means we have far greater volume of inductions being completed at a more efficient rate. The large majority of our candidates are from either office or industrial backgrounds. They join Adecco one day, and are placed the next, so it is important that they have access to a centralised, remote system.“

“The WorkPro program takes a lot less time to complete, and the questions cover a much broader content field, so our candidates are learning more, in less time. If there are any ongoing issues from candidates in relation to particular questions, the system will flag this so one of our consultants can be in touch and resolve the problem one-on-one.”

For Adecco, faster processes mean greater capacity for candidates.

“On average, we are recruiting around sixty applicants a day. Previously, it was all done manually so our figures were far lower. We are also able to track figures, in relation to recruitment and induction, through one centralised, online database. We can set goals based on those figures and map our progress.”

Adecco first used WorkPro’s induction program on a trial basis at one of the Adecco branches in Ringwood, Victoria in 2008. Over the eight month period of the trial, the system led to such a marked improvement in efficiency that it was then rolled out across Adecco’s bases Australia-wide.