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Recruiter uses technology to deliver a safety message to a young workforce

Zenith Hospitality Staffing Solutions supports the fast-paced hospitality industry with a talent pool of experienced and professional Chefs, Food and Beverage Service Staff, Bar Staff and Kitchen Hands.


Hospitality employs hundreds of thousands of individuals annually. Its volatility demands short ‘time to hire’ recruitment responses. Individuals need to be screened, inducted and ready to go at a moment’s notice to meet immediate workforce gaps, so the industry demands recruitment partners who are able to provide ‘work ready’ staff, competently able to jump in to the role very shortly after arriving on site.

“We realise that a fair percentage of our roles will be filled by young inexperienced workers, so a key focus for us during engagement is providing a thorough induction program to reduce the risk of injury on site. The challenge for us was that the young candidates didn’t want to sit in large formal groups and be ‘spoken at’ about work health and safety.” said William Rule, Managing Director of Zenith.


“We adopted WorkPro because it offers a specific hospitality module, and its web-based delivery means the candidates can complete their requirements in their own time, on a device that suits them. With instant email alerts of completion, and the ability for them to then share their safety induction with other employers in the future, we have found a greater take-up rate and acceptance of the completion of these fundamental requirements.

It’s certainly comforting for us that our staff are going on to site with a firm understanding of work health and safety in the hospitality industry, which statistically, has high injury rates.”

Cost Savings by using WorkPro

No of people Zenith inducts annually 500
Before WorkPro –Cost per induction (in house) $27.83
WorkPro investment $7.92 per induction or $3,960 a year
Savings by using WorkPro $15.83 per person or $5,225.22 per year